Waiting for new page of life ~><~

It had been long time I didnt update my blog , becuz i feel too boring haha so now only think abt my blog == Nw I waititng my uni result and I am going to start my new page of life , my UNIVERSITY LIFE !!!

After I finished my STPM , I had done some part time like promoter , replacement teacher in primary school and crew of concert, this is for save some money for my future study as study nid use lot of money T^T

Then I also went for lot interviews for university application and scholarship application.I will share out my experiences later to help who nid it ^^

Nw the university result is going to release , I  feel excited and scare to start my new life , I excited to get some new friends and fight for my future but at the same time I worry tat did I get wat course I want and did I really choose the right choice for my future @@ hmmm well just dun think too much ! Just study it and get one more skill n knowledge as weapon for future , fighting !!! 

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