UM Interview 2015

Nw I want to share my UM interview experience.^^

U can noe the result of UM interview as u check at UM wesbite.
I get my interview session for economy.

As u get the chance for interview session , u can choose for attend or absent.

****************************Before Interview***************************************
  1. Find more information abt UM.
  2. Read more lastest news abt the career , the course and find more information.
  3. Prepare all the certificates.
*****************************Interview Session*************************************

I went to UM v my friend , at here I want to thanks for she n her family to bring me there , n treat me well for the whole journey , thanks a lot ! ><

We reached there early at around 12.30pm cuz we from far away n we worry tat KL wouldd be jam at tat time cuz it was lunch time.

As u enter UM there got arrow to show u the way to the interview hall , pay attention on the road sign , UM is very big @@ If u come by bus , UM has its own shuttle bus to bring u go inside ^^

UM also got morning session n afternoon session, when we reached there , afternoon session name list havent come out. 
The name list was paste on a big table outside the waiting room , around 1.30pm , there got a woman come to change the name list n u will noe u get which interview room , there got 7 interviews room , I think they arrange according to ur birth date, from oldest to youngest.

There are lot candidates , cuz they mix 3 courses interview together , Accountancy , Economy and Business all these 3 courses interview together. There were also diploma students as I saw in the name list got ppl tat older , so it was really a lot of ppl.

Around 2pm there got ppl call u to queue up beside the hall. Please to queue up faster, this is first come first serve ! It is not based on the number in name list , the name list was just show ur interview room.

Then they will slow let ppl to get inside the hall to register , u will ask to prepare ur IC.  Then u will go inside the hall n register according ur interview room and u will get a number slip tat show ur turn for ur bilik , even though u actually is the 1st ppl in the name list for ur bilik but as ppl queue in front of u is same bilik v u then u will become 2nd or 3rd or even late , so queue up faster.

Then u will ask to wait in the hall , they will bring 5 candidates each time to wait near the interview room oni.

My turn.....

My room , I was bilik no.3

Before u enter , outside there got a ppl give u a green paper that v ur name, u nid to pass the paper to the panels to record ur interview performance, hehe...give panels with ur certificates oso.

My room got 2 panels oni , both of them r friendly , becuz there mix 3 courses to intevriew so I not tat both of them r professors for which courses.

My interview session:
  1. First they ask me to introduce myself.
  2. Why I didnt take math in STPM ? ( As they looked up my STPM result n asked , my school didnt offer this subject T^T , they say eco nid count a lot)
  3. What is ur hobbies ?
  4. What do u noe abt Economy ?
  5. What do u noe abt GST ?
  6. What do u want to do after u finished ur studied ?
The end , haha I just used up 5 mins oni == very fast , the panels are very friendly ^^
My friends oso just used up to 5 mins , she get the questions like
  1. What uni u choose except UM?
  2. What do u noe from newspaper tat happen recently ?
  3. Why do u choose eco ?
Some of my friends get the questions for the 11th Malaysia Plan @@ , so better study some latest information.

If the interview session u get is not the 1st choice tat u apply , u will get the questions oso for the 1st choice of course tat u apply =)

All the best for the future candidates ! Just stay clam n be confident when u talk !

Me n my friend tat went for interview ^^ hehe wefie~

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