USM Interview 2015

Just want to share my interview experience at USM for ppl tat need ^^

Well , after I apply for USM university , I had been shortlisted for the interview session at 16th May 2015.The course tat I get for interview session is Accountancy , my senior told me tat they usually just offer u the interview course tat u apply for the 1st n 2nd choices oni , but I just get to offer for the 1st choice tat is Accountancy.

My interview session :
Date : 16th May 2015 
Course : Accountancy
Date : 2.15 pm
Venue : Pusat Pengajian Pengurusan USM, Pulau Pinang

Yup , I need to go for Penang for the interview session. There got 2 session tat is morning session tat start v 8.15am and the afternoon session is 2.15pm , and not all the courses  nid go to Penang interview , some courses like Economy , Mass Com tat my friends get these courses for interview session they oni nid to go KL  , and while some went for USM campus at Kelantan.

As I heard tat my friend went for interview at KL afternoon session until 6pm , so I decided to change my session from afternoon to morning as I nid went back home tat day as my parents nid to work tomorrow and I  came from far away. So if u oso face this problem u can always call to the pusat pengajian of ur courses to change the interview session, they got list the phone number for all pusat pengajian in the interview session letter O(∩_∩)O

****************************Booking Hotel****************************************

I lived at far away so my family n I stay at the hotel nearby v my friends family for one nite.We stay at the R-Residence hotel tat quite near to USM and the hotel is very clean n neat ^^ 

U better to book the hotel ealier as u get the interview session becuz many ppl are look for the hotel tat near to USM tat time , u can get the hotel tat nearest to USM which is A-hotel ,my friend stay there n she said she can meet other candidates there.

U can book ur hotel here :

*********************Before the interview session************************************

Before the interview session , u should get urself prepared. 
  1. U should  noe more abt USM , USM got how many campus , wat APEX mean n so on.
  2. U should noe some information abt the courses u interview , like if accountant , what is their jobs, n the lastest news abt the career.
  3. U should prepared all the cert tat u nid to bring.
  4. USM  is quite big , so u should go there ealier as we nid to find out where is the interview session.
*************************Interview session******************************************

For accountancy course interview session , they ady prepared the list of the candidates tat interview for the session , usually they follow the name , but for others courses like my friends tat interview for Quantity Surveyor , Mass Com , they said is first come first serve , so as u come early n u register first u will be the 1st to interview , if u dun want to wait for a long time u better come earlier.

For accountancy interview session , there got 5 interview rooms , I get the 5th room , u will noe it as u register. Then u will get a form tat they ask u to fill in and hand in when u interview.

The form got around 12 questions.They questions are:
  1. Why u choose USM?
  2. Why u choose accountancy ?
  3. What do u think to live in Penang ?
  4. What do u noe abt USM?
  5. What is ur first choice for local university ?
hmm around like tat , I not very remember dy @@

Then we just sit outside there and wait for the ppl to call. Well as we waiting , there oso got a waiting room for all the parents , n they had been given a talk by the dean of accounting. My parents told me tat she said they had shortlisted for around 500 ppl to interview for accountancy , there are around 400++ ppl who get CGPA 4.0 and they will choose 100 students oni. Although they shortlisted many ppl , but I can c tat lot ppl didnt attend for the interview.

I wait till around 12am for my turn. 

There got a woman tat will collect ur certificates and the form from u when u entering for ur interview sessions. For my room bilik 5 , there got 3 panels , they r the professors of accounting , then they asked me questions like:
  1. What is ur impression to Penang n USM?
  2. Please introduce yourself and talk abt ur strength and weakness ?
  3. What activity u held for ur clubs , wat problem u faced n how u solve ?(Well, this is becuz I did mention I was a leader in school when I talked abt my strength )
  4. If u r a leader what activity u will do to improve our school accountancy courses?
  5. Where did u join for ur PLKN ( as they c my PLKN cert )
  6. What skill tat needed as an accountant ?
I get the questions is around like this @@ Each candidates use around 10 minutes .
I heard tat one of the candidates get the questions is what do u think abt GST as he did mention abt GST when he is answering his questions. 
One of the girl get the questions is how much for the hotel tat u stay for one nite and she answer dunno and the panel said tat as accountant should be sensitive to money. 
One of the candidate said tat they did ask if she get UM n USM which one she will choose and the panels keep reconfirm v her abt her choice,

Then after tat they will ask u got any questions then the end !
Hope my experience can help u all ^^
Wish me good luck for the results !

I get this when I interviewed.

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