Experience as a teacher @@

As we study primary school , we nid to fill in 3 occupations as our dreams in our information corner , I think tat most of us would said doctor , teacher or policeman becuz we ddidnt noe so much occupation when we r kids. I dream to become a teacher when I was a kid becuz I think tat teacher is a powerful occupation as all the students nid to listen to teacher in school but as I grow , I noe that teacher is a nobel job as play very important role in society so I didnt want to become a teacher dy.

But...as wait for my uni result , I went to find a job as a replacement teacher in a primary school in my town. I went to find a job like this becuz there is not much works can be find in my town , a village , and I follow my friend who also worked as a replacement teacher in other primary school.I get a job as a replacement teacher in a chinese primary school at my town , it was quite big as the students in tat school is consider a lot in this small town compare to others primary school. Well , how to become a replacement teacher ? I just went to the office asked whether they nid any replacement teacher then they will replied u, of cuz they looked into ur examination result  and usually  paid by PIBG becuz it was employ by the school itself. 

I worked as a replacement teacher for one month only , I was order to replace the teacher who dy transfer to others place and the school is waiting for new teacher that they apply v government to replace. Thus I take all the subjects tat teached by the teacher who transfer like mathematics , english, science , music and ict I  feel wow , y so a lot and I taught the students from Standard 2 to 5 , one standard there got 2 classes and one class is around 40 students.

I need to say sorry for all teachers tat taught me before as nw I oni noe tat it is not easy to become a teacher. It is hard to control the students !! The problem I faced is they didnt listen to wat I teach at all , keep make noise oni , haiz >< I scold and shout but it is no use , change the way of teaching v play games oso no use , haiz...After one week the condition oni become better , but then nid worry for the teaching planning as if I teach too slow I cant catch up all the syllabus before their exam , and I nid to confirm they get wat I teach , so it is really stress. As a doctor u may kill ur patient , as a lawyer u may send the wrong person to jail but as a teacher u also can effect a student's future.

Being a teacher is not oni teaching , I nid to do the teaching lesson plan everyday , it is really hard for a not formal teacher like me.A teacher also nid go all the meeting, I did join the meeting at school to discuss abt students. A teacher even nid join the co-curriculum activities in school.So before I think tat a teacher is only worked half a day is totally wrong !! I somemore nid take the exercise books back to home to marks , work at home . OMG how if a formal teacher , it will be really busy so I really nid say thanks to all the teachers and sorry if I did anything wrong. ><

After 1 month , I quite as there got a teacher to replace dy , the students I taught they still will feel grateful and give me some gifts. Some of them really good , cute but some really still naughty and active , I just wish they will become a good students and achieve their goals in future ^^

This really is a new and good experience for me as I can get this experience even I not a formal teacher ^^ I gain lot knowledge and friends.

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