Applying for local university

Hi hi , I just want to share my experience in applying for local university in Malaysia and scholarship.

First I was a STPM art stream students 2014 , the subjects I took as my school package were Pengajian Am , Economy , Business Studies and Geography.

BEFORE u apply, u should check out all the local uni , u should noe more abt the uni tat u interest v and wat course tat u want to apply. 
U can get some advice from ur school teachers , counselors, ur friends or ur seniors tat study in uni.
We will face the problems tat is we dunno wat we actually want to study , so maybe u can follow ur interest , ur strength in some subjects or if u dun feel any interest toward some courses , u can just pick some courses tat easily to get jobs after u graduate~haha~courses tat can make u earn money XD
U can noe more abt courses and occupation in this website
After u made the decision to the course u want to study , u should look up for  all the qualification of the courses of each uni tat offer tat courses becuz each uni has diff qualification tat look up to ur SPM result , STPM result and MUET result , u can look all the qualification in UPU website , for USM is and for UM is

As READY u apply for local university , u should buy pin no. at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) 
For UPU tat cost about RM15.60 
For USM university , u nid to buy another pin no. tat specially for USM oni tat cost around RM40
For UM u NO nid to buy pin no. , u can apply it just through it website
>>>Make sure the pin no, tat u buy is for degree lvl , STPM leavers v the correct IC !!!

Read all the instruction tat provide in the website before u applying !!! It is very important so tat u wont mess up when u apply ^^
For UPU the website is 
For my year they provide us for 12 choices, tat is 4 for Research University (RU) like UPM ,and UTM and 8 choices for NON-RU uni like UUM , UPSI , UNIMAS and so on....

For USM u nid to apply on its website
For Degree lvl , Ijazah Sarjana Muda , is arus perdana they provide us for 8 choices and oni the top 4 choices u can put the courses tat nid to interview# oni.

For UM , u no nid to buy pin no. , u can just apply it from it website
For UM , we oni can apply for 4 choices , n u ONI CAN SEND THE APPLICATION FOR ONCE ONLY !!! So dun send the application if u want to make some changes , just click save , simpan first , but after u confirm all the details, remember to send !

>>>As u done fill in all the details , remember to check all the details is correct before u send !

AFTER applied...u MUST SAVE the application form in PDF format and if u want to print it out is much better as evidences. After u make some changes and send again u oso should save one more time again as tat is the latest application form.

Then u just nid wait for the result for the interview session if u did apply for the courses tat nid to be interview usually in May and the Medsi test session if u apply for pendidikan courses.Keep check it out on each of the website UPU , USM and UM for the latest information.

All the best !!!
Good luck for me too as the result coming out soon >< !

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