Sg.Lembing hiking trip~21-22 February 2014❤

long time i didnt post smtg for my blog....totally busy for my Form 6 school life > <
yet  I enjoy very much for my school life...
I had been get my 1st sem result...hmm....i tried my best ady but still get pointer 3.5 @@
haiz...nvm...i will work harder for my next sem ! hwaiting !!!!!!
nw lets c wat i busy for...
this n others Form 6 students had join a trip ^^
its awesome !!!!! ❤❤❤
Its a hiking trip at Sg.Lembing , Kuantan , Pahang , Malaysia....

1st time i go hiking...totally tired !!! I nearly fainted because i walked to fast n my hear beat very fast...but thanks God , my friend help me a lot and I finally reached the top ^^v
Although it was just about 1.5km....but for a newbie like is high enough ><'''
but we cant c the sunrise cuz we was too hungry n we went down be4 the sunrise ==''
we start to hike at 4am n it was cold up there....hope i can c sunrise next time~


After that we went to Sg.Lembing Museum~^^ Its all about the mines project at Sg.Lembing before @@

Then we crossed the Lembing bridge~@@ i so scared when i cross the bridge ><''' it will swing !!!

Then we went to the temple at Kuantan~named 万佛堂....its a really big temple !!! n very nice !
After tat~we went to Teluk Cempedak at Kuantan....the beach is big but the waves were too big , we cant swim...we took a group pic there ^^ ❤ I love this pic so much~~~>3<

Finally before we back home....we went for shopping and dinner at food court~

This trip d schedule was quite pack~what i did for whole day was walking...walked here , walked there then walked again...i felt tat my leg wasn't mine ady ><''' my leg very pain tat day...
Although it was tiring , but I was happy to go trip v my friends and classmates~^^
We created a wonderful memories for our Form 6 life ❤❤❤
Let's go for next destination next time together =]

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