Hangout v new classmates!!!!

1st time hangout v new classmates ❤
we all come from different schools~
total here got 3 different schools friends~^^
but now~
we same school~
same class or just neext class

we just meet each others~
but we ady got same topic , same interests ^^
n so close 2gether ady~
i so happy to meet u all~

at 1st~we sat gether to eat~we laughed~cuz we felt weird~
all the face look so strange , not the friends tat we usually hangout 2gether~
haha~cuz we all just meet in the same school~
we ate 2gether~sang 2gether XDD
it was a crazy nite !!!!!
YEAH !!!!

in next 1 year and 6 months~we will be 2gether !
hope we can become closer n closer ❤

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