Form 6~Pre University's life

i had start v my form 6 life until nw ady got abt 1 month ^^
at 1st i study sc 
tat time i was thinking abt to choose wat stream ><
really feel stress to do a decison
i scare i cant get into local university if i didnt study sc stream becuz art stream's competition is too high~
too many ppl taking art stream~
i really scare~but i didnt interest in any science career although i study sc =3=
so got some ppl tell me to follow my interest~^^
but some still say study sc better lah~
my dad say study business oso not bad~so i decided to change stream !!!!
i really make up my mind to change stream ><
i just hope i wont regret in my future ^^

haiz ><
each decision in my study nw i oso scared tat will effect my future~
but we must responsible to each decision we make ^^
how ever i really hope tat i can noe my future tat time XDD

haiz...future...we will nvr noe...

nw i study economy n business~

at 1st i really cannot catch up~cuz i transferred after 2 weeks school reopen~
nw i study quite ok ady~^^
n tuition at outside but the fees quite expensive TT
n i get some new classmates n friends~

the funniest thing is we start our topic v kpop n Running Man XDD

i hope our friendship will be closer as time pass ^^

Gambateh for my Form 6 !!! for Sem 1 exam !!! yay !!!! ^^v

remember tat it is 1st step university ><

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