License P for car !!!! ^^

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!
i pass my test for license P for car

i am so lucky ≧△≦
cuz actually i going to fail for 2 times !
but i get second chance   o(>﹏<)o
Thanks God _/\_

but my driving skill still not gud yet ><
i will do more practice after this~v my daddy 
as we noe practice make prefect ^^

but yet~the most important is drive carefully !!!
drive on road is very dangerous d !
if careless may cause accident n get others ppl injury oso ><
n should have some moral values when driving on road~ such as tolerance~

yet~now i get my own license~ 
n i can go any where by myself !!!
i can hang out v friends \(^o^)/
n be driver for my family =]
huhuhu~now feel easier to go any where ^,<

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