our life got many stages rite ???
born >>  grow >> primary school >> secondary school >> NS (maybe) >> university life (now) for me

 One of my friend which is now study in college tell me 
" i am very stress ah !! n very scared~i m alone here~u all no by my side TT "
cuz she the only one of our gang who go study college
but i hope she can be srtong ! n overcome it~

it remind me~one Chinese proverb
  friends are as important as parents when you go far away from home

yup~Friends r important when u away from home~
this does not mean tat we r no independent~
no !!!
just sometimes we cant finish a job without ppl help~

In this world~nobody can live alone~
everyone has friends~i sure~at least 1 =]

this make me flash back my life~
start from secondary school~cuz in secondary school we oni start growing to be mature rite ?XDD
i oso alone to get in my new scondary life~becuz i transferred from other school to new school which different from my primary school's friends...
i still remembered when i 1st enter the class~many ppl in the class i dunno who r them~
but as time passed~we becoming gud friends~n they be v me until i finished my secondary school life ^^

then i had been choose to enter NS~
i oso alone there cuz my gang oni me enter the camp TT
at 1st i very sad n thinking of transfer to others camp which many of friends go there !!!
but~i oso get new friends there !!! ^^ n they helped me a lot in camp~

yet~i enjoy all my new life in different stage v my FRIENDS !!!
if not~ i think i will be sad n many negative thinking will come out @@

YES !! Friends are so important !!! what friends for ? SUPPORT !!!
haha~i got read 1 article be4~it said~

   Friends r not our family , they choose to be our friends , but our family has no choice  cuz we were born                   
   to be their family member so they nid to love us n take care of us...But friends not ! they choose to be    
   our friend n love us...accept our negative side...and help us !!!                                                            
i think this article is really meaningful ❤ so we nid appreciate our friends !!!

Yet~i nid to thank to GOD too !!!
cuz everytime i get into a new stage of life by myself~i get friends who are sincere to me =]
i noe~not all friends are gud~especially when nid to get a new friend~cuz we dunno they r kind onot~i remembered when i enter NS~my friend told me be careful when i get new friend in NS~some ppl inside r different from outer~cuz me quite easy to believe ppl~i mean QUITE oni =P
but i believe in this
◤when u treat ppl sincerely , ppl will treat back u sincerely ^^◢ 
but i still will be careful in getting new friends lah   =3=
so i think i m lucky ! i nvr noe wat is betray from friends~n i hope i will nvr noe tat ❤

we r getting new friends as our life circle become larger n larger !!!
i am going to enter my new stage of life >>> Pra-U !!
i hope i can get new friends too ><
God pls bless me   >_/\_<

True friend no nid a lot~as u got one is enough ^^
here i want TQ to all my friends who with be v me in my life~really TQ so much~
I ❤ U ALL !!!

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