Form 6 @@

hmm~result tat who get Form 6 come out 2day
morning after i had my breakfast i did check for it
n this come out

keke ^^
i get it n i get sc stream
now i m wondering wat subjects should i take >< huhuhu
n i going to start study at 8 May
hope i can study well ><
cuz it is not easy TT
n without my friends =(
God pls bless me >_/\_<

at here i want to congrate to all who success to enter Form 6 ^^
n who didnt get it~i feel sorry~n dun sad~try do appeal ~

who havent check for this....
▶▶Semakan Tingkatan 6

▶▶Appeal for Form 6 (Rayuan Tingkatan 6)
You can appeal to Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri through your Pengetua using Borang T6BKK
Borang T6BKK

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