1st time make video @@

actually i oso y suddenly i feel wanna make a video = ='''
just feel wanna try n too boring at home ???
the idea of this video i oso dunno come from where~
maybe cuz i miss my NS friends ?
as we ady left camp for 1 months~ =(

this is the 1st time i made a video !!!
so not really gud~normal oni ><
n i made it v Window Movie Maker
it was just 2nd time i used~kekeke

this video is just all my memories of me n all my chinese friends in NS ❤
of cuz our memories not oni the 3 minutes more~
still got many many pictures i havent put ^^
n i put the background music is Ten Years 十年 by Eason 陈奕迅

i noe just a normal video
hope next time will be better = ='''

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