2day i went to take SPM result !
even it is not so terrible but i didnt achieve my goal (╯﹏╰)

here is my result ><

my target ▶▶▶ straight A...
but i get 3 B+ n all from language subject ><
i didnt expect tat my Chinese language n Bahasa Malaysia will get B+
be4 this i oni expect my Biology n  English oni~

at 1st i really not happy v my result
but i nid to accept it oso cuz it is from my hardwork
but i made my parents disappointed =(
this is the most important thing....
but i hope they can accept this as it cannot be changed ady ><

now...my job is think abt what i want to do after SPM
study at where ? n wat carrer i want @@
n i think tat maybe i going to Form 6....hmmmmmm...

Lastly , at here i want to wish all who get gud result for SPM 2012 CONGRATE !
n to others who not happy v their result , nvm~appreciate ur result cuz tat is from ur hardwork


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