Memories in PLKN ❤ M16 rifle!

Yeah~1st time i try gun shooting ! Bang bang bang !!!

  _  ____________.---------.    
  \`'  __________|_________|    
  /   (_)__]                    
 |    |                       
.'   .'                  

haha~the most fun activities in PLKN ~cuz can try gun shooting !
M16 rifle~is the most lightest rifle~
we were been given a course but army be4 gun shooting~
they gived information abt the rifle n taught us how to shoot ^^

then me n my friends practiced ^^

 pretty cool huh ^^
the next day we went for a wide grassland to shoot !

our distance from the target board is abt 100M !!!
its so far away ><
haha~i so noob
i didnt get any 5 marks n 4 marks ><
as i shoot 25 bullets...but oni 10 hit the target board~ ==''''
n get oni 3 marks n 2 marks~LOL
nvm 1st time >3<

if got chance~i want try it again !!!
it was so fun ! 
Bang Bang Bang !!!

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