Memories in PLKN ❤ Flying Fox

Flying fox is one of the activities in PLKN ^^
This is the 1st time i try this game in PLKN !!!
At 1st i feel scared cuz scared it is not safe @@
But after i saw boys try it~i didnt feel scare anymore~i just feel very excited n wanna try it !

When it is girl turn~me n my friends went toward the tower 1st~
we walk ahead in front of other girls~
we feel like~y we so brave ???
after tat we waer up all the tools n let teacher check to make sure it safe~

Then we walk up the tower by ladder~
from 1st floor to 2nd floor n finally 3rd floor...
at 3rd got feel scare oso d ><
but i no think too much~
i shout my name in chinese loudly ! 
n just jump !
I feel very fun !!!
just like sit on a chair n fly from one place to another place !
but its too bad >< only few minutes then arrived ady =3=
i wanna try it 2nd time ah ><
but teacher du give >3<

Flying Fox i like it ! it was fun ^^ !!! yeah !

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