Last Nite in PLKN ><

Huhuhu~just back from PLKN~its ady finish~started from 5 Jan 2013 to 16 Mrach 2013..
look like very long at 1st~but now i think its too short !
although it is abt 70 days~but me ady create many many memories at there !
its too many memories until i feel dun want to left there n want to stay there for long time~

Last nite ......................
we r very busy ytd~
at morning~we get our certificate~we graduated ady !
n i waited for long time to get this ! cuz i'm from group 73/74 to get this certificate ! the last 2nd to get >< wait until feel sleepy...zzz

at noon~we practise our performance for night~
n at nite we do our performance n having dinner all 2gether !

i involved in 2 performance~

one is chinese ppl performance n one is group performance~
for chinese ppl performance~we do a short drama abt chinese Wu Shu~
for group performance~we had Indian dance ! haha~couple Indian dance ! n i pair v a malay boy ❤ ↓↓↓

is he smart ??? haha~for me he is smart lah >////< haha~i called he as"boyfriend" in camp~i miss him too now ><

this is the dance tat we perform last nite~its not clear but i memories it in my heart~i very enjoy when i dance this on stage ^^ v my partner~

i wear this for dance ^^ can u all find me out in the video ? XD

after performing~ we salam v teacher~me n my friends cry and cry the whole nite TT
we feel sad to say goodbye TT
its end abt 2 o'clock morning~


i will always remember this nite d TT
Kem Etnobotani Gua Musang is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it ! 

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