I Miss My PLKN's Friends n Life !!!

2day is 17 March~i ady back from PLKN for 1 day...n
I miss my plkn friends very very much ! miss them until going to be crazy ady >< arghhhhh
I realise tat without them is very boring~n without PLKN activities n life is totaly boring...><
When in camp~i be v them evryday >< but now we hard to meet ady !!!
We create a lot of memories in there ! A lot~a lot !!!
Although we noe each others for 3 months oni~but we face a lot of hardship 2gether !
so our friendship is deep inside our heart~
as we noe..

"we will noe who is our true friend when we face hardship"

but u all help me lot in camp~so u all r my true friend~ heart to heart

I miss my chinese PLKN friends TT~

I miss her <<< Ping !!!
who always help me to tie nice hair style !
n we always fight each other XDD

I miss her >>>Ching !!!
who always say wanna go toilet~
n make leg broken sound " crack " when she want to bend her leg...
n i always say her v a malay boy XD ( but just joking n for fun )

I miss her <<< Rong !!!
she like a big sister~
lent me her shoulder whenever i want to cry
n sing english song very well ! nice voice !

I miss him >>> Benny !!!
my grandpa~who always hurt his body~n always feel unwell~
who teach my guitar..always give me sweets...force me to use his cap n jacket...always snap nice pic...always help me when i sad n always make my hair messy !!!! heng ><

i miss her <<< Michelle !!!
she always brave in doing anything ^^
cute =]

I miss her >>> Enn !!!
who will noe i cry just listen to my voice~
always say " ntg lah~think positive "
miss her charming smile !

I miss him <<< Yi !!!
miss his nice voice~
sing for me when my birthday~love song~haha
he is very cute d !

I miss my malay friends too ^^

The most ppl is miss is her !!! >>>> Sarah !!!
My daughter !!! erm~cuz she like a little girl n cute~so i treat her like daughterXD
we almost been 2gether 24 hrs a day !
always can c we 2 2gether everytime !
we same group~same dorm~same class~so we r so close !
we sleep , eat 2gether ^^
she take care of me all the time !
i always hug her ❤

i miss him too <<< Shamsul !!!
my handsome camp boyfriend~
i call him boyfriend becuz some misunderstood thing happen XD
miss the time we dance~ sometimes we knock each other hand ><
but we both have the tacit understanding~so i think we r the best !
n miss his perfume smell XDD

I miss a teacher too !

its him >>>> Cikgu Zainal !!!
my most favourite n closest sir !
mu group teacher !
always shout my name =3=
n scold us " mabuk" n "mangkuk !
arghhhhhh~miss his loud sound !
always do aerobick v us ><
like to dance~
teach us marching ! n we learn it happily ^^

N many ppl in camp !!!! many many TT
all of them~my group ppl~Satria Muda !!!!
my dorm G02 !!! ><
haiz~Dunno when we can meet again TT !


Miss my life in there !
0530 wake up 
0630 Morning exercise
0830 class
1430 marching / physical activity
1830 play games
2030 roll call 
Wirawati WW214 at here !!! XDD

haiz ><

Miss...miss..miss...miss..miss !!!

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