2day i went to take SPM result !
even it is not so terrible but i didnt achieve my goal (╯﹏╰)

here is my result ><

my target ▶▶▶ straight A...
but i get 3 B+ n all from language subject ><
i didnt expect tat my Chinese language n Bahasa Malaysia will get B+
be4 this i oni expect my Biology n  English oni~

at 1st i really not happy v my result
but i nid to accept it oso cuz it is from my hardwork
but i made my parents disappointed =(
this is the most important thing....
but i hope they can accept this as it cannot be changed ady ><

now...my job is think abt what i want to do after SPM
study at where ? n wat carrer i want @@
n i think tat maybe i going to Form 6....hmmmmmm...

Lastly , at here i want to wish all who get gud result for SPM 2012 CONGRATE !
n to others who not happy v their result , nvm~appreciate ur result cuz tat is from ur hardwork


Result @@

now ady 12.24am...so late ady i havent sleep
2morro me will going to take SPM result
but me havent sleep just becuz of i still on9 XD

many ppl asked me "scare ah ?"
then i answered " no"
i read many post in Facebook oso said abt very nervous to take result

but i was just like normal oni~
until now this time , i still not nervous n scared
i do not have any feeling abt SPM result 2morro
i feel myself is weird @@

i just think tat
we will noe wat we get when we r answering the paper~isn't it right ?
n wat we get we oso nid to accept as we cant change anything for it ady
we ady exam 

i wish all past yr candidates can get good result this morning ^^
pass with flying colour ❤
accept wat the result from ur hardwork  !


Memories in PLKN ❤ M16 rifle!

Yeah~1st time i try gun shooting ! Bang bang bang !!!

  _  ____________.---------.    
  \`'  __________|_________|    
  /   (_)__]                    
 |    |                       
.'   .'                  

haha~the most fun activities in PLKN ~cuz can try gun shooting !
M16 rifle~is the most lightest rifle~
we were been given a course but army be4 gun shooting~
they gived information abt the rifle n taught us how to shoot ^^

then me n my friends practiced ^^

 pretty cool huh ^^
the next day we went for a wide grassland to shoot !

our distance from the target board is abt 100M !!!
its so far away ><
haha~i so noob
i didnt get any 5 marks n 4 marks ><
as i shoot 25 bullets...but oni 10 hit the target board~ ==''''
n get oni 3 marks n 2 marks~LOL
nvm 1st time >3<

if got chance~i want try it again !!!
it was so fun ! 
Bang Bang Bang !!!

Memories in PLKN ❤ PLKN‘s theme song !!!!

it is 1st tme i heard this song when i enter PLKN !
haha~i feel shock tat PLKN oso got theme song XDD haha
we got the lyric when we entered the camp n teacher told us to memories it ^^
we nid to sing this song every morning~like assembly~
then sometimes sing at nite when roll call...kekekke
i miss this song now~
we sang it out loudly at roll call last nite ^^

here it is !
n the lyric ↓↓↓

Wira wirawati harapan bangsa
   Tiba masa kami kita berjasa
   Kita sahut cabaran 
   Bergerak seiringan demi mencapai wawasan

   Kenali rakan pelbagai budaya
   Selami warisan kita yg kaya
   Bersama bergandingan tiada perbezaan 
   Kita warga Malaysia

   Berkhidmat utk negara
   Berbakti penuh setia
   Satu hasrat satu semangat satu tekad bersama

   Kami wira wirawati negara
   Kini masa kami berjaya
   Kami sahut cabaran
   Bergerak seiringan
   Kami pasti mencapai wawasan

   Kita sahut cabaran 
   Bersama bergandingan
   Berkhidmat utk negara
   Malaysia !                                                          

Memories in PLKN ❤ Flying Fox

Flying fox is one of the activities in PLKN ^^
This is the 1st time i try this game in PLKN !!!
At 1st i feel scared cuz scared it is not safe @@
But after i saw boys try it~i didnt feel scare anymore~i just feel very excited n wanna try it !

When it is girl turn~me n my friends went toward the tower 1st~
we walk ahead in front of other girls~
we feel like~y we so brave ???
after tat we waer up all the tools n let teacher check to make sure it safe~

Then we walk up the tower by ladder~
from 1st floor to 2nd floor n finally 3rd floor...
at 3rd floor...me got feel scare oso d ><
but i no think too much~
i shout my name in chinese loudly ! 
n just jump !
I feel very fun !!!
just like sit on a chair n fly from one place to another place !
but its too bad >< only few minutes then arrived ady =3=
i wanna try it 2nd time ah ><
but teacher du give >3<

Flying Fox i like it ! it was fun ^^ !!! yeah !

I Miss My PLKN's Friends n Life !!!

2day is 17 March~i ady back from PLKN for 1 day...n
I miss my plkn friends very very much ! miss them until going to be crazy ady >< arghhhhh
I realise tat without them is very boring~n without PLKN activities n life is totaly boring...><
When in camp~i be v them evryday >< but now we hard to meet ady !!!
We create a lot of memories in there ! A lot~a lot !!!
Although we noe each others for 3 months oni~but we face a lot of hardship 2gether !
so our friendship is deep inside our heart~
as we noe..

"we will noe who is our true friend when we face hardship"

but u all help me lot in camp~so u all r my true friend~ heart to heart

I miss my chinese PLKN friends TT~

I miss her <<< Ping !!!
who always help me to tie nice hair style !
n we always fight each other XDD

I miss her >>>Ching !!!
who always say wanna go toilet~
n make leg broken sound " crack " when she want to bend her leg...
n i always say her v a malay boy XD ( but just joking n for fun )

I miss her <<< Rong !!!
she like a big sister~
lent me her shoulder whenever i want to cry
n sing english song very well ! nice voice !

I miss him >>> Benny !!!
my grandpa~who always hurt his body~n always feel unwell~
who teach my guitar..always give me sweets...force me to use his cap n jacket...always snap nice pic...always help me when i sad n always make my hair messy !!!! heng ><

i miss her <<< Michelle !!!
she always brave in doing anything ^^
cute =]

I miss her >>> Enn !!!
who will noe i cry just listen to my voice~
always say " ntg lah~think positive "
miss her charming smile !

I miss him <<< Yi !!!
miss his nice voice~
sing for me when my birthday~love song~haha
he is very cute d !

I miss my malay friends too ^^

The most ppl is miss is her !!! >>>> Sarah !!!
My daughter !!! erm~cuz she like a little girl n cute~so i treat her like daughterXD
we almost been 2gether 24 hrs a day !
always can c we 2 2gether everytime !
we same group~same dorm~same class~so we r so close !
we sleep , eat 2gether ^^
she take care of me all the time !
i always hug her ❤

i miss him too <<< Shamsul !!!
my handsome camp boyfriend~
i call him boyfriend becuz some misunderstood thing happen XD
miss the time we dance~ sometimes we knock each other hand ><
but we both have the tacit understanding~so i think we r the best !
n miss his perfume smell XDD

I miss a teacher too !

its him >>>> Cikgu Zainal !!!
my most favourite n closest sir !
mu group teacher !
always shout my name =3=
n scold us " mabuk" n "mangkuk !
arghhhhhh~miss his loud sound !
always do aerobick v us ><
like to dance~
teach us marching ! n we learn it happily ^^

N many ppl in camp !!!! many many TT
all of them~my group ppl~Satria Muda !!!!
my dorm G02 !!! ><
haiz~Dunno when we can meet again TT !


Miss my life in there !
0530 wake up 
0630 Morning exercise
0830 class
1430 marching / physical activity
1830 play games
2030 roll call 
Wirawati WW214 at here !!! XDD

haiz ><

Miss...miss..miss...miss..miss !!!

Last Nite in PLKN ><

Huhuhu~just back from PLKN~its ady finish~started from 5 Jan 2013 to 16 Mrach 2013..
look like very long at 1st~but now i think its too short !
although it is abt 70 days~but me ady create many many memories at there !
its too many memories until i feel dun want to left there n want to stay there for long time~

Last nite ......................
we r very busy ytd~
at morning~we get our certificate~we graduated ady !
n i waited for long time to get this ! cuz i'm from group 73/74 to get this certificate ! the last 2nd to get >< wait until feel sleepy...zzz

at noon~we practise our performance for night~
n at nite we do our performance n having dinner all 2gether !

i involved in 2 performance~

one is chinese ppl performance n one is group performance~
for chinese ppl performance~we do a short drama abt chinese Wu Shu~
for group performance~we had Indian dance ! haha~couple Indian dance ! n i pair v a malay boy ❤ ↓↓↓

is he smart ??? haha~for me he is smart lah >////< haha~i called he as"boyfriend" in camp~i miss him too now ><

this is the dance tat we perform last nite~its not clear but i memories it in my heart~i very enjoy when i dance this on stage ^^ v my partner~

i wear this for dance ^^ can u all find me out in the video ? XD

after performing~ we salam v teacher~me n my friends cry and cry the whole nite TT
we feel sad to say goodbye TT
its end abt 2 o'clock morning~


i will always remember this nite d TT
Kem Etnobotani Gua Musang is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it !