The most important things in NS......

now i ady stay at plkn for 1 months....ady feel ok ^^
now i feel very happy n fun to stay at PLKN =]
weird rite ???
usually ppl do not like stay at plkn rite ?
haha XDD

i feel happy n fun becuz...
now i have many new friends in plkn !!!
they r my best friends in there ^^
they be v me along the time in plkn =]

they help me when i face v problem...
they make me happy everytime...
they hug me when i feel sad...

all the friends i meet majority is kind n nice to me...
not oni chineses but malay oso ^^

becuz of them is feel happy in plkn =]
we having happy moment in champ
we sing 2gether
we eat n drink 2gether
we play 2gether
we sleep 2gether
we feel tired 2gether
we run 2gether
we exercise 2gether

i really feel enjoy n happy when i take part in any activities v them ^^
watever activities i oso feel fun =]
i glad tat i meet v them in this champ
if not , now i still hate n sad to stay at this champ...
friendship support me to live happily in plkn
I Love You All ^3^ 
so the most important thing in ns is friends !!!!!!!!!!!!

friend 4ver !
although we noe for 3 months oni~but i believe our friendship wont stop v plkn!

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