Blind Man That I Meet

Today when i saw a blind man taking a bus...
he was help by a man to take the bus then he used his stick to know the things at surrounding...
becuz me sat at the 1st place , so i sat v him , he dunno me is beside him , he used his hand to touch , he knock my hand n he knew tat someone beside him....

i feel pity to him....
he cannot c~he cannot c me , the driver , the passengers...but we all can c how he look like...
i looked at him....his eyes didnt open 

after we all get off from the bus 
i so worried for him...cuz there got many cars
so i looked at him until he got the safe place
actually he is brave already to go around by himself  !
but i still feel pity for him...

but yet even though he cant c anythings , but he still didnt give up...
he go around by himself ! 
salute to him !!!

even though i can see
but when i at darkness .....i cant c anythings....i feel very scare....i feel scare to move forward...
so i hate darkness...
when we playing games by cover our eyes...we oso feel scare n not really will trust the ppl tat lead us..
so~imagine tat if blind....we oni live in darkness...we will oni live in fear...
we cant c how r ppl look like...
we cant c  the cloud , stars , sun, rainbow....the beauty of environment...
we even cant noe how our friends , family , lovers look like....
we oni can hear and feel...

so !!!
we should be grateful ! becuz we can see !!!
we should thanks to God to give us such a beautiful pair of eyes to c the colourful world !
n protect our eyes ^^

Self cam on Sport Day XDD

2day is my school sport day~
but whole day i was having self-cam v friends XDD

  n we do gwiyomi~hahaha~
so late ady
oni we oni do gwiyomi~hahaha~

Lyrics of Gwiyomi (Kwiyomi) Cutie Song – Hari

Choko meopin han jogak sikyeonoko
Gosohan uyuhanjaneul gidaryeoyo
Oppahago nahago kkok maju anjaseo
Seoro sonbadak wie yeppeun nakseoreul hajyo

Hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
Dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
Saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhaejwoyo
Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro

Ildeo hagi ileun gwiyomi, ideo hagi ineun gwiyomi
Samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, gwigwi gwiyomi gwigwi gwiyomi
Sadeo hagi sado gwiyomi, odeo hagi odo gwiyomi
Yukdeo hagi yugeun jjokjjokjjokjjokjjokjjok gwiyomi nan gwiyomi

Hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
Dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
Saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhae jwoyo
Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro

Hana dul set nun gamgo naege dagawa
Du soneuro nae boreul manjimyeo ppoppoharyeoneun
Geu ipsul makgoseo

Ildeo hagi ileun gwiyomi, ideohagi ineun gwiyomi
Samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, gwigwi gwiyomi gwigwi gwiyomi
Sadeo hagi sado gwiyomi, odeo hagi odo gwiyomi
Yukdeo hagi yugeun jjokjjokjjokjjokjjokjjok gwiyomi nan gwiyomi

Hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
Dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
Saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhae jwoyo
Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro
Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro

'Gwiyomi Song'/ 'Kiyomi' Lyrics in English

Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi

Over a chocolate muffin
Waiting for a cup of savory milk
Oppa and I sit facing each other
And scribble on each other’s hands

*Don’t look at other girls
No matter what they say
You’re mine (You’re mine)
Don’t even talk to other girls
I’m yours (I’m yours)
Please pinky promise me
That you’ll never leave me alone

1 plus 1 equals Kiyomi
2 plus 2 equals Kiyomi
3 plus 3 equals Kiyomi
Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi
4 plus 4 equals Kiyomi too
5 plus 5 equals Kiyomi too
6 plus 6 equals chu chu chu chu chu chu Kiyomi
I’m Kiyomi

* repeat

One, two, three
Close your eyes and come to me
When you touch my cheeks with your two hands
I stop your lips from kissing and…

** repeat

* repeat

Hangout v new classmates!!!!

1st time hangout v new classmates ❤
we all come from different schools~
total here got 3 different schools friends~^^
but now~
we same school~
same class or just neext class

we just meet each others~
but we ady got same topic , same interests ^^
n so close 2gether ady~
i so happy to meet u all~

at 1st~we sat gether to eat~we laughed~cuz we felt weird~
all the face look so strange , not the friends tat we usually hangout 2gether~
haha~cuz we all just meet in the same school~
we ate 2gether~sang 2gether XDD
it was a crazy nite !!!!!
YEAH !!!!

in next 1 year and 6 months~we will be 2gether !
hope we can become closer n closer ❤

Form 6~Pre University's life

i had start v my form 6 life until nw ady got abt 1 month ^^
at 1st i study sc 
tat time i was thinking abt to choose wat stream ><
really feel stress to do a decison
i scare i cant get into local university if i didnt study sc stream becuz art stream's competition is too high~
too many ppl taking art stream~
i really scare~but i didnt interest in any science career although i study sc =3=
so got some ppl tell me to follow my interest~^^
but some still say study sc better lah~
my dad say study business oso not bad~so i decided to change stream !!!!
i really make up my mind to change stream ><
i just hope i wont regret in my future ^^

haiz ><
each decision in my study nw i oso scared tat will effect my future~
but we must responsible to each decision we make ^^
how ever i really hope tat i can noe my future tat time XDD

haiz...future...we will nvr noe...

nw i study economy n business~

at 1st i really cannot catch up~cuz i transferred after 2 weeks school reopen~
nw i study quite ok ady~^^
n tuition at outside but the fees quite expensive TT
n i get some new classmates n friends~

the funniest thing is we start our topic v kpop n Running Man XDD

i hope our friendship will be closer as time pass ^^

Gambateh for my Form 6 !!! for Sem 1 exam !!! yay !!!! ^^v

remember tat it is 1st step university ><

License P for car !!!! ^^

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!
i pass my test for license P for car

i am so lucky ≧△≦
cuz actually i going to fail for 2 times !
but i get second chance   o(>﹏<)o
Thanks God _/\_

but my driving skill still not gud yet ><
i will do more practice after this~v my daddy 
as we noe practice make prefect ^^

but yet~the most important is drive carefully !!!
drive on road is very dangerous d !
if careless may cause accident n get others ppl injury oso ><
n should have some moral values when driving on road~ such as tolerance~

yet~now i get my own license~ 
n i can go any where by myself !!!
i can hang out v friends \(^o^)/
n be driver for my family =]
huhuhu~now feel easier to go any where ^,<

Form 6 @@

hmm~result tat who get Form 6 come out 2day
morning after i had my breakfast i did check for it
n this come out

keke ^^
i get it n i get sc stream
now i m wondering wat subjects should i take >< huhuhu
n i going to start study at 8 May
hope i can study well ><
cuz it is not easy TT
n without my friends =(
God pls bless me >_/\_<

at here i want to congrate to all who success to enter Form 6 ^^
n who didnt get it~i feel sorry~n dun sad~try do appeal ~

who havent check for this....
▶▶Semakan Tingkatan 6

▶▶Appeal for Form 6 (Rayuan Tingkatan 6)
You can appeal to Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri through your Pengetua using Borang T6BKK
Borang T6BKK

1st time make video @@

actually i oso y suddenly i feel wanna make a video = ='''
just feel wanna try n too boring at home ???
the idea of this video i oso dunno come from where~
maybe cuz i miss my NS friends ?
as we ady left camp for 1 months~ =(

this is the 1st time i made a video !!!
so not really gud~normal oni ><
n i made it v Window Movie Maker
it was just 2nd time i used~kekeke

this video is just all my memories of me n all my chinese friends in NS ❤
of cuz our memories not oni the 3 minutes more~
still got many many pictures i havent put ^^
n i put the background music is Ten Years 十年 by Eason 陈奕迅

i noe just a normal video
hope next time will be better = ='''


our life got many stages rite ???
born >>  grow >> primary school >> secondary school >> NS (maybe) >> university life (now) for me

 One of my friend which is now study in college tell me 
" i am very stress ah !! n very scared~i m alone here~u all no by my side TT "
cuz she the only one of our gang who go study college
but i hope she can be srtong ! n overcome it~

it remind me~one Chinese proverb
  friends are as important as parents when you go far away from home

yup~Friends r important when u away from home~
this does not mean tat we r no independent~
no !!!
just sometimes we cant finish a job without ppl help~

In this world~nobody can live alone~
everyone has friends~i sure~at least 1 =]

this make me flash back my life~
start from secondary school~cuz in secondary school we oni start growing to be mature rite ?XDD
i oso alone to get in my new scondary life~becuz i transferred from other school to new school which different from my primary school's friends...
i still remembered when i 1st enter the class~many ppl in the class i dunno who r them~
but as time passed~we becoming gud friends~n they be v me until i finished my secondary school life ^^

then i had been choose to enter NS~
i oso alone there cuz my gang oni me enter the camp TT
at 1st i very sad n thinking of transfer to others camp which many of friends go there !!!
but~i oso get new friends there !!! ^^ n they helped me a lot in camp~

yet~i enjoy all my new life in different stage v my FRIENDS !!!
if not~ i think i will be sad n many negative thinking will come out @@

YES !! Friends are so important !!! what friends for ? SUPPORT !!!
haha~i got read 1 article be4~it said~

   Friends r not our family , they choose to be our friends , but our family has no choice  cuz we were born                   
   to be their family member so they nid to love us n take care of us...But friends not ! they choose to be    
   our friend n love us...accept our negative side...and help us !!!                                                            
i think this article is really meaningful ❤ so we nid appreciate our friends !!!

Yet~i nid to thank to GOD too !!!
cuz everytime i get into a new stage of life by myself~i get friends who are sincere to me =]
i noe~not all friends are gud~especially when nid to get a new friend~cuz we dunno they r kind onot~i remembered when i enter NS~my friend told me be careful when i get new friend in NS~some ppl inside r different from outer~cuz me quite easy to believe ppl~i mean QUITE oni =P
but i believe in this
◤when u treat ppl sincerely , ppl will treat back u sincerely ^^◢ 
but i still will be careful in getting new friends lah   =3=
so i think i m lucky ! i nvr noe wat is betray from friends~n i hope i will nvr noe tat ❤

we r getting new friends as our life circle become larger n larger !!!
i am going to enter my new stage of life >>> Pra-U !!
i hope i can get new friends too ><
God pls bless me   >_/\_<

True friend no nid a lot~as u got one is enough ^^
here i want TQ to all my friends who with be v me in my life~really TQ so much~
I ❤ U ALL !!!

Hang out v NS friends n.n

yeah~2day hang out v NS friends~so happy ^^
we go for eating , shopping n playing 2gether
when hang out v NS friend~it will remind me abt my NS life TT
so miss it...

yet~i really had a good time v my friends 2day ^^
this is the 1st time i hang out v her after NS~kekeke~
i hope we still can hanging out 2gether next time~muaks ^3^

     we r shopping actually~haha~n we remembered our NS life v this Ruski maggie XDD

we r drinking the same drink XDD
we r playing at playground ^^


2day i went to take SPM result !
even it is not so terrible but i didnt achieve my goal (╯﹏╰)

here is my result ><

my target ▶▶▶ straight A...
but i get 3 B+ n all from language subject ><
i didnt expect tat my Chinese language n Bahasa Malaysia will get B+
be4 this i oni expect my Biology n  English oni~

at 1st i really not happy v my result
but i nid to accept it oso cuz it is from my hardwork
but i made my parents disappointed =(
this is the most important thing....
but i hope they can accept this as it cannot be changed ady >< job is think abt what i want to do after SPM
study at where ? n wat carrer i want @@
n i think tat maybe i going to Form 6....hmmmmmm...

Lastly , at here i want to wish all who get gud result for SPM 2012 CONGRATE !
n to others who not happy v their result , nvm~appreciate ur result cuz tat is from ur hardwork


Result @@

now ady late ady i havent sleep
2morro me will going to take SPM result
but me havent sleep just becuz of i still on9 XD

many ppl asked me "scare ah ?"
then i answered " no"
i read many post in Facebook oso said abt very nervous to take result

but i was just like normal oni~
until now this time , i still not nervous n scared
i do not have any feeling abt SPM result 2morro
i feel myself is weird @@

i just think tat
we will noe wat we get when we r answering the paper~isn't it right ?
n wat we get we oso nid to accept as we cant change anything for it ady
we ady exam 

i wish all past yr candidates can get good result this morning ^^
pass with flying colour ❤
accept wat the result from ur hardwork  !


Memories in PLKN ❤ M16 rifle!

Yeah~1st time i try gun shooting ! Bang bang bang !!!

  _  ____________.---------.    
  \`'  __________|_________|    
  /   (_)__]                    
 |    |                       
.'   .'                  

haha~the most fun activities in PLKN ~cuz can try gun shooting !
M16 rifle~is the most lightest rifle~
we were been given a course but army be4 gun shooting~
they gived information abt the rifle n taught us how to shoot ^^

then me n my friends practiced ^^

 pretty cool huh ^^
the next day we went for a wide grassland to shoot !

our distance from the target board is abt 100M !!!
its so far away ><
haha~i so noob
i didnt get any 5 marks n 4 marks ><
as i shoot 25 bullets...but oni 10 hit the target board~ ==''''
n get oni 3 marks n 2 marks~LOL
nvm 1st time >3<

if got chance~i want try it again !!!
it was so fun ! 
Bang Bang Bang !!!

Memories in PLKN ❤ PLKN‘s theme song !!!!

it is 1st tme i heard this song when i enter PLKN !
haha~i feel shock tat PLKN oso got theme song XDD haha
we got the lyric when we entered the camp n teacher told us to memories it ^^
we nid to sing this song every morning~like assembly~
then sometimes sing at nite when roll call...kekekke
i miss this song now~
we sang it out loudly at roll call last nite ^^

here it is !
n the lyric ↓↓↓

Wira wirawati harapan bangsa
   Tiba masa kami kita berjasa
   Kita sahut cabaran 
   Bergerak seiringan demi mencapai wawasan

   Kenali rakan pelbagai budaya
   Selami warisan kita yg kaya
   Bersama bergandingan tiada perbezaan 
   Kita warga Malaysia

   Berkhidmat utk negara
   Berbakti penuh setia
   Satu hasrat satu semangat satu tekad bersama

   Kami wira wirawati negara
   Kini masa kami berjaya
   Kami sahut cabaran
   Bergerak seiringan
   Kami pasti mencapai wawasan

   Kita sahut cabaran 
   Bersama bergandingan
   Berkhidmat utk negara
   Malaysia !                                                          

Memories in PLKN ❤ Flying Fox

Flying fox is one of the activities in PLKN ^^
This is the 1st time i try this game in PLKN !!!
At 1st i feel scared cuz scared it is not safe @@
But after i saw boys try it~i didnt feel scare anymore~i just feel very excited n wanna try it !

When it is girl turn~me n my friends went toward the tower 1st~
we walk ahead in front of other girls~
we feel like~y we so brave ???
after tat we waer up all the tools n let teacher check to make sure it safe~

Then we walk up the tower by ladder~
from 1st floor to 2nd floor n finally 3rd floor...
at 3rd got feel scare oso d ><
but i no think too much~
i shout my name in chinese loudly ! 
n just jump !
I feel very fun !!!
just like sit on a chair n fly from one place to another place !
but its too bad >< only few minutes then arrived ady =3=
i wanna try it 2nd time ah ><
but teacher du give >3<

Flying Fox i like it ! it was fun ^^ !!! yeah !

I Miss My PLKN's Friends n Life !!!

2day is 17 March~i ady back from PLKN for 1 day...n
I miss my plkn friends very very much ! miss them until going to be crazy ady >< arghhhhh
I realise tat without them is very boring~n without PLKN activities n life is totaly boring...><
When in camp~i be v them evryday >< but now we hard to meet ady !!!
We create a lot of memories in there ! A lot~a lot !!!
Although we noe each others for 3 months oni~but we face a lot of hardship 2gether !
so our friendship is deep inside our heart~
as we noe..

"we will noe who is our true friend when we face hardship"

but u all help me lot in camp~so u all r my true friend~ heart to heart

I miss my chinese PLKN friends TT~

I miss her <<< Ping !!!
who always help me to tie nice hair style !
n we always fight each other XDD

I miss her >>>Ching !!!
who always say wanna go toilet~
n make leg broken sound " crack " when she want to bend her leg...
n i always say her v a malay boy XD ( but just joking n for fun )

I miss her <<< Rong !!!
she like a big sister~
lent me her shoulder whenever i want to cry
n sing english song very well ! nice voice !

I miss him >>> Benny !!!
my grandpa~who always hurt his body~n always feel unwell~
who teach my guitar..always give me sweets...force me to use his cap n jacket...always snap nice pic...always help me when i sad n always make my hair messy !!!! heng ><

i miss her <<< Michelle !!!
she always brave in doing anything ^^
cute =]

I miss her >>> Enn !!!
who will noe i cry just listen to my voice~
always say " ntg lah~think positive "
miss her charming smile !

I miss him <<< Yi !!!
miss his nice voice~
sing for me when my birthday~love song~haha
he is very cute d !

I miss my malay friends too ^^

The most ppl is miss is her !!! >>>> Sarah !!!
My daughter !!! erm~cuz she like a little girl n cute~so i treat her like daughterXD
we almost been 2gether 24 hrs a day !
always can c we 2 2gether everytime !
we same group~same dorm~same class~so we r so close !
we sleep , eat 2gether ^^
she take care of me all the time !
i always hug her ❤

i miss him too <<< Shamsul !!!
my handsome camp boyfriend~
i call him boyfriend becuz some misunderstood thing happen XD
miss the time we dance~ sometimes we knock each other hand ><
but we both have the tacit understanding~so i think we r the best !
n miss his perfume smell XDD

I miss a teacher too !

its him >>>> Cikgu Zainal !!!
my most favourite n closest sir !
mu group teacher !
always shout my name =3=
n scold us " mabuk" n "mangkuk !
arghhhhhh~miss his loud sound !
always do aerobick v us ><
like to dance~
teach us marching ! n we learn it happily ^^

N many ppl in camp !!!! many many TT
all of them~my group ppl~Satria Muda !!!!
my dorm G02 !!! ><
haiz~Dunno when we can meet again TT !


Miss my life in there !
0530 wake up 
0630 Morning exercise
0830 class
1430 marching / physical activity
1830 play games
2030 roll call 
Wirawati WW214 at here !!! XDD

haiz ><

Miss...miss..miss...miss..miss !!!