School is going to reopen.... but i m not involved....
Im ady graduated from secondary school....^^

At 1st i do not have any feeling abt graduated @@
becoz i still can be with my friend ^^ yeah~
i still can hang out v them !
my our friendship is not over although our secondary school life is over =]

But now i feel tat something will change.....

I wish we r still in secondary school...
I still remember the time when school reopen~
we can meet each other after holiday~
we talk abt our holiday in school~
we c the changes btw each other after school reopen~
we c who had change new hair style~
we had used a new bag~new pencil case ^^

Miss tat moment so much ><

Next time school reopen....
Will u all r my classmate again ???

Now i really feel that.....Yeah , I ady graduated ....
Something will cahnge 

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