UM Interview 2015

Nw I want to share my UM interview experience.^^

U can noe the result of UM interview as u check at UM wesbite.
I get my interview session for economy.

As u get the chance for interview session , u can choose for attend or absent.

****************************Before Interview***************************************
  1. Find more information abt UM.
  2. Read more lastest news abt the career , the course and find more information.
  3. Prepare all the certificates.
*****************************Interview Session*************************************

I went to UM v my friend , at here I want to thanks for she n her family to bring me there , n treat me well for the whole journey , thanks a lot ! ><

We reached there early at around 12.30pm cuz we from far away n we worry tat KL wouldd be jam at tat time cuz it was lunch time.

As u enter UM there got arrow to show u the way to the interview hall , pay attention on the road sign , UM is very big @@ If u come by bus , UM has its own shuttle bus to bring u go inside ^^

UM also got morning session n afternoon session, when we reached there , afternoon session name list havent come out. 
The name list was paste on a big table outside the waiting room , around 1.30pm , there got a woman come to change the name list n u will noe u get which interview room , there got 7 interviews room , I think they arrange according to ur birth date, from oldest to youngest.

There are lot candidates , cuz they mix 3 courses interview together , Accountancy , Economy and Business all these 3 courses interview together. There were also diploma students as I saw in the name list got ppl tat older , so it was really a lot of ppl.

Around 2pm there got ppl call u to queue up beside the hall. Please to queue up faster, this is first come first serve ! It is not based on the number in name list , the name list was just show ur interview room.

Then they will slow let ppl to get inside the hall to register , u will ask to prepare ur IC.  Then u will go inside the hall n register according ur interview room and u will get a number slip tat show ur turn for ur bilik , even though u actually is the 1st ppl in the name list for ur bilik but as ppl queue in front of u is same bilik v u then u will become 2nd or 3rd or even late , so queue up faster.

Then u will ask to wait in the hall , they will bring 5 candidates each time to wait near the interview room oni.

My turn.....

My room , I was bilik no.3

Before u enter , outside there got a ppl give u a green paper that v ur name, u nid to pass the paper to the panels to record ur interview performance, hehe...give panels with ur certificates oso.

My room got 2 panels oni , both of them r friendly , becuz there mix 3 courses to intevriew so I not tat both of them r professors for which courses.

My interview session:
  1. First they ask me to introduce myself.
  2. Why I didnt take math in STPM ? ( As they looked up my STPM result n asked , my school didnt offer this subject T^T , they say eco nid count a lot)
  3. What is ur hobbies ?
  4. What do u noe abt Economy ?
  5. What do u noe abt GST ?
  6. What do u want to do after u finished ur studied ?
The end , haha I just used up 5 mins oni == very fast , the panels are very friendly ^^
My friends oso just used up to 5 mins , she get the questions like
  1. What uni u choose except UM?
  2. What do u noe from newspaper tat happen recently ?
  3. Why do u choose eco ?
Some of my friends get the questions for the 11th Malaysia Plan @@ , so better study some latest information.

If the interview session u get is not the 1st choice tat u apply , u will get the questions oso for the 1st choice of course tat u apply =)

All the best for the future candidates ! Just stay clam n be confident when u talk !

Me n my friend tat went for interview ^^ hehe wefie~

USM Interview 2015

Just want to share my interview experience at USM for ppl tat need ^^

Well , after I apply for USM university , I had been shortlisted for the interview session at 16th May 2015.The course tat I get for interview session is Accountancy , my senior told me tat they usually just offer u the interview course tat u apply for the 1st n 2nd choices oni , but I just get to offer for the 1st choice tat is Accountancy.

My interview session :
Date : 16th May 2015 
Course : Accountancy
Date : 2.15 pm
Venue : Pusat Pengajian Pengurusan USM, Pulau Pinang

Yup , I need to go for Penang for the interview session. There got 2 session tat is morning session tat start v 8.15am and the afternoon session is 2.15pm , and not all the courses  nid go to Penang interview , some courses like Economy , Mass Com tat my friends get these courses for interview session they oni nid to go KL  , and while some went for USM campus at Kelantan.

As I heard tat my friend went for interview at KL afternoon session until 6pm , so I decided to change my session from afternoon to morning as I nid went back home tat day as my parents nid to work tomorrow and I  came from far away. So if u oso face this problem u can always call to the pusat pengajian of ur courses to change the interview session, they got list the phone number for all pusat pengajian in the interview session letter O(∩_∩)O

****************************Booking Hotel****************************************

I lived at far away so my family n I stay at the hotel nearby v my friends family for one nite.We stay at the R-Residence hotel tat quite near to USM and the hotel is very clean n neat ^^ 

U better to book the hotel ealier as u get the interview session becuz many ppl are look for the hotel tat near to USM tat time , u can get the hotel tat nearest to USM which is A-hotel ,my friend stay there n she said she can meet other candidates there.

U can book ur hotel here :

*********************Before the interview session************************************

Before the interview session , u should get urself prepared. 
  1. U should  noe more abt USM , USM got how many campus , wat APEX mean n so on.
  2. U should noe some information abt the courses u interview , like if accountant , what is their jobs, n the lastest news abt the career.
  3. U should prepared all the cert tat u nid to bring.
  4. USM  is quite big , so u should go there ealier as we nid to find out where is the interview session.
*************************Interview session******************************************

For accountancy course interview session , they ady prepared the list of the candidates tat interview for the session , usually they follow the name , but for others courses like my friends tat interview for Quantity Surveyor , Mass Com , they said is first come first serve , so as u come early n u register first u will be the 1st to interview , if u dun want to wait for a long time u better come earlier.

For accountancy interview session , there got 5 interview rooms , I get the 5th room , u will noe it as u register. Then u will get a form tat they ask u to fill in and hand in when u interview.

The form got around 12 questions.They questions are:
  1. Why u choose USM?
  2. Why u choose accountancy ?
  3. What do u think to live in Penang ?
  4. What do u noe abt USM?
  5. What is ur first choice for local university ?
hmm around like tat , I not very remember dy @@

Then we just sit outside there and wait for the ppl to call. Well as we waiting , there oso got a waiting room for all the parents , n they had been given a talk by the dean of accounting. My parents told me tat she said they had shortlisted for around 500 ppl to interview for accountancy , there are around 400++ ppl who get CGPA 4.0 and they will choose 100 students oni. Although they shortlisted many ppl , but I can c tat lot ppl didnt attend for the interview.

I wait till around 12am for my turn. 

There got a woman tat will collect ur certificates and the form from u when u entering for ur interview sessions. For my room bilik 5 , there got 3 panels , they r the professors of accounting , then they asked me questions like:
  1. What is ur impression to Penang n USM?
  2. Please introduce yourself and talk abt ur strength and weakness ?
  3. What activity u held for ur clubs , wat problem u faced n how u solve ?(Well, this is becuz I did mention I was a leader in school when I talked abt my strength )
  4. If u r a leader what activity u will do to improve our school accountancy courses?
  5. Where did u join for ur PLKN ( as they c my PLKN cert )
  6. What skill tat needed as an accountant ?
I get the questions is around like this @@ Each candidates use around 10 minutes .
I heard tat one of the candidates get the questions is what do u think abt GST as he did mention abt GST when he is answering his questions. 
One of the girl get the questions is how much for the hotel tat u stay for one nite and she answer dunno and the panel said tat as accountant should be sensitive to money. 
One of the candidate said tat they did ask if she get UM n USM which one she will choose and the panels keep reconfirm v her abt her choice,

Then after tat they will ask u got any questions then the end !
Hope my experience can help u all ^^
Wish me good luck for the results !

I get this when I interviewed.

Applying for local university

Hi hi , I just want to share my experience in applying for local university in Malaysia and scholarship.

First I was a STPM art stream students 2014 , the subjects I took as my school package were Pengajian Am , Economy , Business Studies and Geography.

BEFORE u apply, u should check out all the local uni , u should noe more abt the uni tat u interest v and wat course tat u want to apply. 
U can get some advice from ur school teachers , counselors, ur friends or ur seniors tat study in uni.
We will face the problems tat is we dunno wat we actually want to study , so maybe u can follow ur interest , ur strength in some subjects or if u dun feel any interest toward some courses , u can just pick some courses tat easily to get jobs after u graduate~haha~courses tat can make u earn money XD
U can noe more abt courses and occupation in this website
After u made the decision to the course u want to study , u should look up for  all the qualification of the courses of each uni tat offer tat courses becuz each uni has diff qualification tat look up to ur SPM result , STPM result and MUET result , u can look all the qualification in UPU website , for USM is and for UM is

As READY u apply for local university , u should buy pin no. at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) 
For UPU tat cost about RM15.60 
For USM university , u nid to buy another pin no. tat specially for USM oni tat cost around RM40
For UM u NO nid to buy pin no. , u can apply it just through it website
>>>Make sure the pin no, tat u buy is for degree lvl , STPM leavers v the correct IC !!!

Read all the instruction tat provide in the website before u applying !!! It is very important so tat u wont mess up when u apply ^^
For UPU the website is 
For my year they provide us for 12 choices, tat is 4 for Research University (RU) like UPM ,and UTM and 8 choices for NON-RU uni like UUM , UPSI , UNIMAS and so on....

For USM u nid to apply on its website
For Degree lvl , Ijazah Sarjana Muda , is arus perdana they provide us for 8 choices and oni the top 4 choices u can put the courses tat nid to interview# oni.

For UM , u no nid to buy pin no. , u can just apply it from it website
For UM , we oni can apply for 4 choices , n u ONI CAN SEND THE APPLICATION FOR ONCE ONLY !!! So dun send the application if u want to make some changes , just click save , simpan first , but after u confirm all the details, remember to send !

>>>As u done fill in all the details , remember to check all the details is correct before u send !

AFTER applied...u MUST SAVE the application form in PDF format and if u want to print it out is much better as evidences. After u make some changes and send again u oso should save one more time again as tat is the latest application form.

Then u just nid wait for the result for the interview session if u did apply for the courses tat nid to be interview usually in May and the Medsi test session if u apply for pendidikan courses.Keep check it out on each of the website UPU , USM and UM for the latest information.

All the best !!!
Good luck for me too as the result coming out soon >< !

Experience as a teacher @@

As we study primary school , we nid to fill in 3 occupations as our dreams in our information corner , I think tat most of us would said doctor , teacher or policeman becuz we ddidnt noe so much occupation when we r kids. I dream to become a teacher when I was a kid becuz I think tat teacher is a powerful occupation as all the students nid to listen to teacher in school but as I grow , I noe that teacher is a nobel job as play very important role in society so I didnt want to become a teacher dy. wait for my uni result , I went to find a job as a replacement teacher in a primary school in my town. I went to find a job like this becuz there is not much works can be find in my town , a village , and I follow my friend who also worked as a replacement teacher in other primary school.I get a job as a replacement teacher in a chinese primary school at my town , it was quite big as the students in tat school is consider a lot in this small town compare to others primary school. Well , how to become a replacement teacher ? I just went to the office asked whether they nid any replacement teacher then they will replied u, of cuz they looked into ur examination result  and usually  paid by PIBG becuz it was employ by the school itself. 

I worked as a replacement teacher for one month only , I was order to replace the teacher who dy transfer to others place and the school is waiting for new teacher that they apply v government to replace. Thus I take all the subjects tat teached by the teacher who transfer like mathematics , english, science , music and ict I  feel wow , y so a lot and I taught the students from Standard 2 to 5 , one standard there got 2 classes and one class is around 40 students.

I need to say sorry for all teachers tat taught me before as nw I oni noe tat it is not easy to become a teacher. It is hard to control the students !! The problem I faced is they didnt listen to wat I teach at all , keep make noise oni , haiz >< I scold and shout but it is no use , change the way of teaching v play games oso no use , haiz...After one week the condition oni become better , but then nid worry for the teaching planning as if I teach too slow I cant catch up all the syllabus before their exam , and I nid to confirm they get wat I teach , so it is really stress. As a doctor u may kill ur patient , as a lawyer u may send the wrong person to jail but as a teacher u also can effect a student's future.

Being a teacher is not oni teaching , I nid to do the teaching lesson plan everyday , it is really hard for a not formal teacher like me.A teacher also nid go all the meeting, I did join the meeting at school to discuss abt students. A teacher even nid join the co-curriculum activities in school.So before I think tat a teacher is only worked half a day is totally wrong !! I somemore nid take the exercise books back to home to marks , work at home . OMG how if a formal teacher , it will be really busy so I really nid say thanks to all the teachers and sorry if I did anything wrong. ><

After 1 month , I quite as there got a teacher to replace dy , the students I taught they still will feel grateful and give me some gifts. Some of them really good , cute but some really still naughty and active , I just wish they will become a good students and achieve their goals in future ^^

This really is a new and good experience for me as I can get this experience even I not a formal teacher ^^ I gain lot knowledge and friends.

Waiting for new page of life ~><~

It had been long time I didnt update my blog , becuz i feel too boring haha so now only think abt my blog == Nw I waititng my uni result and I am going to start my new page of life , my UNIVERSITY LIFE !!!

After I finished my STPM , I had done some part time like promoter , replacement teacher in primary school and crew of concert, this is for save some money for my future study as study nid use lot of money T^T

Then I also went for lot interviews for university application and scholarship application.I will share out my experiences later to help who nid it ^^

Nw the university result is going to release , I  feel excited and scare to start my new life , I excited to get some new friends and fight for my future but at the same time I worry tat did I get wat course I want and did I really choose the right choice for my future @@ hmmm well just dun think too much ! Just study it and get one more skill n knowledge as weapon for future , fighting !!!